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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Stumpwork of King Charles II and Caherine from Huber

King Charles II & Catherine of Braganza
England Mid-17th century
Needlework picture

Catherine of Braganza, a socially sheltered Roman Catholic Portuguese princesses born in 1638, was destine to become the wife of King Charles II who was known for his decadent life style involving several mistresses. In 1662, shortly after King Charles II was restored to the throne, they were married in Portsmouth, England at which point Catherine became the Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. Her incredible dowry (depicted in the needlework by the donkeys laden with gifts), was part of a long negotiated arrangement between her mother Queen Lucia, late Father, and King Charles I. The marriage was mutually advantages to both Portugal and England.

In spite of an awkward marriage Catherine prevailed in earning Charles II respect and admiration. In 1699, 15 years after Charles death she returned to Portugal where she died in 1705.

Silk, metallic thread, detached buttonhole stitched elements, and slip work, etc. are incorporated in the creation of this lavishly embroidered needlework picture.

18 ¼ x 25 framed.


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