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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

17th c English canvas work from Huber

Story of King David & Abigail
Canvas-work picture
Mid-17th c English

The composition is a depiction of (I Samuel 25:18-35). King David accepting gifts of food and wine for his army from Abigail in exchange for not taking revenge on her town and her husband Nabal, who refused to provide provisions. King David was impressed with Abigail's sincerity, good sense, and desire to protect her husband. Abigail told Nabal, who was recovering from a drunken binge, how she prevented a catastrophe. After hearing this news he suffered a stroke, was paralyzed, and a few days later died. King David was grate-ful to Abigail for preventing him from causing so much death and destruction, and when he learned of Nabal's death they were married.

Depicting couples that later marry was a common "thread" in early needlework pictures which are sometimes just courting scenes without an underlying story.

Canvas worked silk on linen; 18" x 22" framed.


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