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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Portsmouth, NH sampler from Huber

Mary Cate
Needlework sampler
Portsmouth, NH dated 1818

Mary (c.1810-?) worked this unique green linsey-woolsey memorial sampler that she dedicated to the memory of William Cate, probably her grandfather. The large magnificent graphic design features a centered basket of flowers at the top flanked by vines and roses adorned with bowed ribbons, and at the bottom are a pair of obelisk forms entwined with foliage and bearing memorial inscriptions. Centered at the bottom is a depiction of an opened book inscribed with the Biblical verse REV. XIV. 13. The inscriptions on the right oblisk is: Sacred to the Memory of Mr/ William Cate/ Who died 1817 and Mr. Debora/H Cate Who Di/ed A.D. 1818. The Left oblisk has some thread loss but it appears to be inscribed: Sacred to/ the memory of/ Mary Sta/cy F? C? Sta/cy and Willi/am Wood.

The sampler is inscribed: Wrought By Mary Cate In the 9th Year Of/ Age AD 1818, she also included the birth dates of her parents Samuel Cate & Mary Stacy and her three brothers Samuel, James, and George. After she completed the sampler she added, at the very bottom, the birth of her younger sister Abigail born 1819. At age 27 Mary was married, by Elder David Millard of the Portsmouth Central Baptist Church, to James Garland.

Published: In Female Worth and Elegance - by John F. LaBranche & Rita F. Conant pg 85-87.

Silk on linen; 23" x 17" sight, 28" x 22" framed.


(860) 388-6809


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