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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

 York, ME needlework samplers - Huber

Berwick, York, ME - from Stephen & Carol Huber

Elizabeth (Betsey) Haggens
Needlework Sampler
Berwick, York, ME

Samplers on green background linen are quite rare and like this example, usually very graphic. This fabulous piece was worked by Eliza Haggens at age 12 who lived in Berwick, York, Maine (southwest Maine near New Hampshire). Numerals, several alphabets, a bizarre verse; Then ask not bodies doom'd to die/ To what abode they go/ Since Knowledge is but Sorrow spy/ Tis better not to know, and an inscription; Eliza Haggens Born January th9 1787 AE12, are colorfully stitched in the center of the sampler. The two, sides, and bottom are mirror image embroidered flowering vases, stylized trees, and centered at the bottom is a stylized carnation, (which interestingly is the same carnation that appears on several Newburyport, MA samplers). Across the bottom are four geometric motifs and at the top corners and near the bottom Eliza stitched twentysix birds mirror imaged with thirteen on each side.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Haggens (9 Jan. 1789-1870) was the daughter of Edmund (Higgins) Haggens (1765-1826) and Susannah Hamilton (1765-1826). She married Barnabas Hartford Palmer (1789-1850) and died in Berwick, Maine, April of 1870 at age 81.

Silk on linen; 22 ¼" x 28 ¾" with (probably original) gold frame.


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