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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Burlington County,New Jersey dated 1823 - Huber

Burlington County,NJ - 1823 from Carol & Stephen Huber

Sarah Ann Hartman
Needlework Sampler
Burlington County,New Jersey dated 1823

Friendship./ Friendshipf a name to few confined./ The offspring of a noble mind./ A generous warmth which fills the breast./ And better felt than ere exprest.

Sarah Ann Hartman's work wrought in./ The sixteenth year of her age 1823./ The daughter of S Hartman &/ Martha hif wife

Sarah worked an elaborate Quaker sampler typical of the Burlington County pieces depicting the Westtown School building. A very similar sampler with the same verse was stitched by Anna Braddock in 1826, and was in the Joan Stephens collection.

Silk on linen; 25 ¼" x 25" framed.

Ex-collection Theodore H. Kapnek.


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