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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Marblehead, MA sampler dated 1787 from Huber

Hannah Prince
Needlework sampler
Marblehead, MA dated 1787

Hannah Prince in 1787, at age 12, worked this unique Marblehead, MA, sampler. This very early example predates most known Marblehead samplers. The later ones are not as complex but they share some of the design characteristics such as the three sided border. The somewhat formal large flowering band at the top is a more elaborate rendition of similar bands found on 17th and early 18th century samplers from England, Boston, and Philadelphia. In contrast to the top, the bottom of this sampler is less structured and very whimsical.

Genealogical research, aided by a preserved hand written note on the original backing paper, has allowed us to follow the provenance of this sampler from its creation in Marblehead, MA, to the present time.

Hannah Prince, born March 19, 1775, was the daughter of silversmith Capt. John Prince, Jr. (1735-1787) and Anna Bowen (1737-1830).

Silk on linen; 16" x 1 ¾" sight size.


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