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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

17th c Band Sampler from Huber

Band Sampler
17th Century
Probably English

This beautifully worked band sampler is a classic of the period. It is heavily embellished from top to bottom with a myriad on intricate stitches and further enhanced red highlights and colorful bands of complex motifs on a dark linen background.

It is over 300 years old and when made was not intended to be framed. It was rolled up and kept as an example of stitches to be referenced for future projects or teaching. It is all worked in reversible stitch; the back is identical to the front, and has a salvage on all four sides, meaning it was never a larger sampler.

Band samplers with long skinny formats and no decorative surrounding boarder were popular both in England and America in the 17th century. Later samplers tended to be wider and not so finely worked.

Silk on linen: 18 ½" x 9" sight, 21 ½" x 12" framed.


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