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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Eastport, ME Sampler from Huber - Cheeney Family Record

Genealogy Needlework Sampler
Sarah A. Cheeney
Eastport, ME dated 1846

This stunning genealogy sampler was worked in 1846, by 11 year old Sarah A. Cheeney while living in Eastport, ME. In the 2020 census, Eastport had a population of 1,288 making it the least-populous city in Maine but with a rich history and strong traditions. In the mid-1800s Eastport was a bustling seaport in far northeast Maine on the Bay of Fundy.

Sarah's father, who was likely a trader of foreign goods, was struggling with heavy debt, evading payments and legal problems including jail. But even in the midst of this he and his wife managed to keep their children in school where Sarah worked this sophisticated needlework sampler. She included information about her parents and their children, even adding her baby brother Samuel below the verse years after she had finished the piece.

George Cheeney Born in Derry N.H. Feb 29th 1807
Mary A. Cheeney Born in Salem Mass Jan 8th 1818

Married in Dennysville July 28th 1834

Sarah Ann Cheeney Born in Pembroke Me Apr 27th 1835
Emma Sophia Cheeney Born in Pembroke Me Nov 14th 1836
George Alvin Cheeney Born in Robbinston Me Jan 12th 1839
James William Cheeney Born in Eastport Me Apr 12th 1843

Wrought by Sarah A. Cheeney January 8, 1846
Aged 11 Years.

Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand
As the first efforts of a youthful hand
And while her fingers shall over this canvas move
Engage her tender heart to seek thy love

(Samuel) G. Cheeney Born in Eastport Me May 12th 1849

Wrought by Sarah A. Cheeney Jan 8th 1846
Aged 11 Years

Silk and wool on linen; 23½" x 27½" framed.


(860) 388-6809


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