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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

1749 band sampler from Huber

Ann Fosdick
Needlework Sampler
American or English dated 1749

Ann worked this sampler at age 12, it is inscribed: Ann Fosdick ----June 17 1749-aged 12.

She included a verse touting the importance of learning:
Look Well to What You Take in Hand -- For Learning Is Better Then House Or Land -- When Land Is Gone And Mony Spent -- Then Learning Is Most Excellent.

This 18th century sampler retains its original glass, frame with hanging loop, backboard, mounting nails, and backing paper. The backboard, frame, and background fabric indicate it is probably American. Genealogical research is inclusive.

There is some darkening around the perimeter of the sampler.

Silk on linen: 17 ½" x 10" framed.


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