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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

Lexington, MA sampler from Huber
Susan Simonds Locke
Lexington, MA dated 1845

Susan Simonds worked this family record pear tree sampler at age 34, after she married Otis Locke. Her parents, Mixter Simonds and Susannah Converse, were married in 1811. Susan included the twelve names and births of herself and all her siblings but not her parents.

Susan's husband, Otis Locke, first married Keziah Harrington of Woburn MA and had 5 children. Then he married Susan and they had 5 daughters.

Susan and her siblings inscribed on this family record were living in Burlington, MA - Willington, MA - Lexington, MA area of Massachusetts.

Inscribed at the bottom: Susan Locke - Made year of our Lord 1845

Susan Simonds born June 3, 1811
Joseph M. Simonds born Feb. 3, 1813
Lavinia Simonds born March 5, 1814
Lavinia Simonds born Feb. 26,1815
Sylvester Simonds born Aug. 5, 1818
Abigail Simonds born Dec 30, 1820
Artemas Simonds born Jan. 8, 1823
Matilda J. Simonds born Feb 11. 1826
Almira Simonds born May 25, 1827
Albert H. Simonds born July 19 1829
Ali Simonds born July 13, 1831
Benjamin Simonds born Jan. 18, 1834

Silk on linen; 19" x 18" framed.


(860) 388-6809


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