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Stephen & Carol Huber: 17th - 19th Century Needlework

PA sampler from Huber

Louisa Ann Wright
Mid-Atlantic States
Probably, Pennsylvania dated 1826

Louisa worked this large heavily developed house sampler and decorated it with various flowering motifs, birds, and a large orange tree.

Miss Wright wisely wrought a wealth of Wright family initials which will likely eliminate any confusion a bewildered overworked genealogist wizard may encounter by verifying which Wright woman in the right Wright genealogy is the right Wright woman which wrought this wonderful work so in the future this caption can be rightly not weirdly written and we can stop wondering if this wonderful sampler is unwittingly wrongly attributed to the wrong Wright woman.

Silk on linen: 24" X 25" framed.

$5,800 I know, the caption is ridiculous.

(860) 388-6809


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