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Lydia Royse's school, Hartford, CT - from Huber

Eunice Noyes
Silk Embroidered Picture
Lydia Royse's school
Hartford, CT dated 1807

This classic historical scene of Blanch & Henriques was most likely taken from a print source and may be depicting the first meeting or marriage proposal of Henri IV, King of Castile to Blanch II of Navarre. It is an unusual subject matter and the only one known to exist.

Eunice Noyes stitched this colorful piece at Lydia Royse's school in Hartford, Connecticut in 1807, and the faces were painted by the schoolmistress herself who was known to be a very accomplished artist.

Eunice (1791-1870) was born in Lyme, Connecticut, third child and only daughter of Captain Joseph Noyes (1758-1820) and Jane Lord (1764-1843). She married John Christopher Ely (1787-1864) on January 5, 1811. They had eleven children, eight of whom lived to adulthood. Eunice's great-great grandfather was Reverend Moses Noyes, the first minister in Old Lyme.

Inscribed on glass: E. NOYES.1807 Blanch & Henriques.

Silk, paint and applied velvet on silk; 18" x 21 ¾".

Exhibited at the Florence Griswold Museum 2010-11, Illustrated in With Needle and Brush (pg 72)


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